No painting or drawing experience required.

Materials: look around the house. Food coloring. Old magazines, novels, poetry books. Anything can be worked in. Or pick up some budget-friendly materials at your local dollar or craft store.

Sometimes you’ll need scissors. But your hands are perfect for ripping.

Glue or not to glue? Frame or not to frame? You decide.

Long day at work or school? Overwhelmed?

Create a beautiful space. Relax. Express.

Get messy.

Not feeling the huge clean-up after, try digital collaging.

Love the feel of paper. The textures. The colors.

Don’t mind the stickiness of glue. The spill of ink and paint.

You’d be a great fit for analog collaging.

Try both. Analog and Digital collaging.

Got something to say? Historically known as an art form of resistance, speak through your collage art.

Weave in cultural images of the past and present, phrases from newspapers and magazines along with your own personal photography.

Create meaning and reimagine a future. New possibilities.

Play. Resist. Self-care.

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