Kelsey is one of the co-founders of imakeuselessstuff.com. She is an amateur collage artist and poet. Through her collage work, Kelsey wants to inspire women to imagine new ways of being in the world that aren’t necessarily represented in the media.

Birthday WIsh

As a co-founder of imakeuslessstuff.com, tell us a little bit about yourself and your artistic style.

I’m a self-taught digital collagist. Originally from the Caribbean, I now live in the Mid-West. I put women, specifically black women at the center of my work. I would describe my artistic style as bright, colorful and whimsical.

What inspired you to start making collages?

I felt that there was a lack of images of black women as whimsical…like Alice in Wonderland. Through my collage work, I want to encourage black women to be who they want to be. Our race/ethnicity does not constrict us to a certain way of being in the world.

What other collage artists inspire your work?

There aren’t any collage artists that inspire my work. Rather, I am inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve always wanted to see or read about a Black Alice. That feminine, whimsical, down-the-rabbit-hole, carefree woman. I’ve never seen a black woman portrayed in that way. This inspired me to create collages that showcase black women in a soft, fairytale, and whimsical light.

Why digital collage and not analog collage?

My sister first introduced me to analog collages. But I felt that working with digital collages would be easier.  I can access a wide variety of digital images.  Analog collage is dependent on what images you find in magazines, newspapers etc. Digital is faster and easier. And there isn’t a big clean-up once the piece is completed.

Visit Kelsey’s Website here.