About Us

Hi, I’m Catherine-Esther,


co-founder of imakeuselessstuff.com.

My sister and I started this website because of our love of arts and crafts. We’re both writers and collage artists. Art has offered joy, comfort and expression during some of the darkest and greatest moments of our lives.

imakeuselessstuff.com facilitates moments of joy and freedom. 

Connect to the parts of you that yearn to play, express and imagine. Use tools, materials and techniques found around your home or budget-friendly supplies sourced from a local craft store.

Those interested in digital collage art don’t require an expensive illustrator program. Take advantage of readily available Microsoft Office tools to create beautiful and expressive digital art.

We’ve developed a series of classes featuring videos no longer than 15 minutes. Expect to find home décor as well as arts and crafts projects.

Enjoy unlimited access to all our online classes when you subscribe to our monthly subscription plan. 

So, come create with us.